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Welcome to our dedicated Help Center for the Passenger Endorsement! This page is designed to provide you with comprehensive guidance and resources for obtaining your passenger endorsement, an essential qualification for those aspiring to become professional drivers of passenger vehicles. Here, you'll find everything from detailed information on the endorsement process, eligibility criteria, and the specific training requirements, to tips for passing the endorsement exam and maintaining your certification. Whether you're just starting out on your journey to become a bus or passenger vehicle driver, or looking to expand your qualifications, our Help Center is here to support you every step of the way. Let's embark on this journey together, enhancing your driving career while ensuring the safety and comfort of your passengers with every mile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

*Please always refer to your State Specific CDL Manual for all Rules and Regulations pertaining to Commercial Licenses*

Who should take the Passenger endorsement course?

This course is intended for drivers who aim to operate passenger-carrying vehicles, such as buses. Candidates must possess a valid CDL and undergo additional training focused on passenger safety, managing large numbers of passengers, and specific driving skills for passenger vehicles.

What specific skills are taught for the Passenger endorsement?

The course emphasizes passenger safety and comfort, including boarding and disembarking procedures, passenger interaction, emergency evacuation methods, and ADA compliance for passengers with disabilities. It also covers vehicle-specific training such as handling larger, heavier vehicles with different center-of-gravity dynamics compared to cargo vehicles.

How does the Passenger endorsement differ from the School Bus endorsement?

The CDL School Bus Endorsement and the CDL Passenger Endorsement have distinct differences:

Vehicles Covered: The CDL School Bus Endorsement (S) is specifically for drivers transporting pre-primary, primary, or secondary school students in a school bus15.The CDL Passenger Endorsement (P) refers to all other passenger vehicles carrying 16 or more people, including city buses, tour buses, and other passenger vehicles except school buses.

Licensing Requirement: The School Bus Endorsement (S) is required for drivers operating a school bus, while the Passenger Endorsement (P) is needed for driving other large passenger vehicles.

Testing and Training: To obtain the School Bus Endorsement, a specific written test based on school bus laws and a road (skills) test on a school bus are required5.The Passenger Endorsement covers all other passenger vehicles and requires a separate written test.

In summary, the School Bus Endorsement is tailored for drivers transporting students in a school bus, while the Passenger Endorsement applies to drivers of other large passenger vehicles. Each has its own specific testing and licensing requirements.

How does passenger transport safety differ from cargo transport?

Passenger transport safety places a higher emphasis on the well-being and security of passengers. It involves managing safe boarding and disembarking, ensuring passenger comfort during transit, dealing with a variety of passenger behaviors, and maintaining a high level of vigilance to protect those onboard.

What specific challenges do drivers face in passenger transportation, and how does the training address these?

Drivers face challenges such as managing diverse groups of passengers, ensuring adherence to schedules, and navigating through heavy traffic or in urban areas. Training focuses on developing strong customer service skills, conflict resolution, effective communication with passengers, and advanced driving skills suited for populated areas.

How long does the ELDT Passenger Endorsement course take?

There is no time requirement for the course. Some individuals are able to finish the course in a couple of hours while others are able to finish the course in a few days. It is dependent on the amount of time you have to dedicate to the course to complete it. 

What type of test do I have to take to pass this ELDT Passenger Endorsement course?

You need to pass the 20 question test at the end of the course with an 80% or better in order to successfully complete the course. You will have unlimited attempts at the post test. You are provided a lot of practice questions throughout each section to help prepare you for the post test. 
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